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Up and running

Julia Jones, Shauna Reid



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Choosing to run as a daily exercise may be a decision that is not acceptable to everyone, especially during this time there are many more enjoyable exercise options. However, according to the author; Julia Jones (a running coach) and Shauna Reid (a lifestyle blogger), ran not only to be slim and sporty. It can change tired mothers or those who have the pressure in their daily work to be more vibrant and cheerful.   “Running is more than putting one foot in front of the other it’s an exercise in commitment and courage.

This book provides a simple, compact but easy-to-understand guide that has been proven effective for those who are interested in making running as therapy. The first question we need to ask; why do we want to run and why is it important for us? The answer to these question maybe hold our own success The contents of this book are divided into weeks, Each week has its own plan, until the eighth week during which period you are ready to participate in any running programs. Pictures and examples of weekly training diaries are included in this book. Very interesting and motivating book

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