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Stephen King

Fiksyen, Seram, Fantasi, Cerita Pendek

2018, Scribner, 146 Muka Surat



 ulasan oleh MJ

"A very short novella from Stephen King, which I thought should have been part of a short story collection. I read the ebook version and was rather surprised how quickly it ended. Thankfully, it was a good ending.

A heartwarming story of how a man with a strange disorder, brought together the towns people of Castle Rock who are afflicted with prejudice and unfair bias towards a couple of newcomers. The book addresses homophobia and the close mindedness of people who cannot accept others for who they are. An act of kindness from one man brings out the best in people who have indulged the worst in themselves and others.

This story for me, reminds us about forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, and friendship. Certainly not something you would expect from a horror writer, but as usual Stephen King tells poignant stories in the most the unexpected ways."


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