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Stephen King

Fiksyen, Seram

22 Mei 2018

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'Flint City, Oklahoma. The vicious murder of a young boy has been discovered. All of the evidence--eyewitness accounts, DNA, fingerprints--points to Little League coach Terry Maitland. There's only one catch: Terry swears he didn't do it, and there's equally compelling evidence that he was out of town at the time of the murder. How can one man be in two places at once? And if Terry is truly innocent, then who--or what--killed the child? And what if it isn't done? Thereafter, Terry’s wife, and a few others do whatever they can to prove his innocence. Joining them is Holly Gibney, a crossover from the Bill Hodges Trilogy. (You may want to read those books first) 
There are things seen and unseen in “The Outsider”. It started out as a mystery and then it changed into something else entirely. That’s Stephen King for you. His mind works like no other and you never know what you will encounter or how his writing will impact you. There were parts in the book where I had to constantly look over my shoulder to make sure there’s nothing standing behind me. Pennywise, anyone?

While I loved the premise of “The Outsider” and was scared and shocked by the twists and turns, some of the lines in the ending pages just don't make sense. Still, it's a great way to spend a few hours. And isn't that what we pay for? That said, this book is good. I had no idea where the story was heading but it is written in a way that makes you want to promise yourself "just 10 more minutes" each time you glance at the clock. Overall, I do recommend it, the characters felt real, as real as any person you have a nice conversation with in a coffee shop or meet through some online thingy. And you feel sad when one dies. I actually felt sad for the monster. It had some elements of humanity in it: it had to eat, it had to live, it was lonely.' 


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