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If you have not seen the movie, IT is about a group of children who discover a supernatural force that lives under their hometown of Derry, Maine. IT manifests itself as a demonic clown known as Pennywise, who kills in a thirty year cycle. The children defeat Pennywise but fail to kill it. They vow that they will come back if Pennywise returns. Thirty years later, they return and unite to destroy the evil beneath Derry.

I read IT back in 1987 and revisited a few more times before it was made into a movie last year. To those who say IT is a horror book, I beg to differ. As is the case of all Stephen King’s books, horror plays a big part but IT is about so much more than that. IT explores themes about friendship, childhood, growing up, overcoming your fears as well as racism, prejudice, and domestic abuse. Reading this book transports me back to my childhood and sharing the heartache, fear, sadness and joy of the Losers Club is a reading experience I will never forget. Every time I get to the end of the book, I am overwhelmed by a sense of loss with a twinge of sadness as I feel like I am leaving my best friends in Derry.  That this book can elicit all those emotions makes it one of my favourite reads of all time.

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