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Finding Jesselton

George Jessel

Opus Publications Sdn. Bhd.





Finding Jesselton is about George’s search to discover why a historical trading post in the South China Seas was so intriguingly once named after his great-grandfather, Sir Charles James Jessel. So over the past ten years whenever possible, he have tried to collect various photographs and articles and have now, with the help of Gill and Roger Joye, published authors who live in Goudhurst, been able to start his own version of his family association with North Borneo. George’s original aim was to tell the story of his great-grandfather, Sir Charles James Jessel, but as he started to research his greatgrandfather’s life he realised that, as is so often the case in many family histories, it is always about more than just one man and in this case his connection with the British North Borneo Company. And so George’s story starts with Aaron Jesel of Frankfurt in the mid-18th century and finishes with his grandfather who died in 1977 – plus a few recent trips to Kota Kinabalu, North Borneo (Sabah) to round it off!



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