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IT Chapter 2 (2019)

Initial release: August 26, 2019 (Los Angeles).

Director: Andrés Muschietti.

Budget: 79 million USD.

Screenplay: Gary Dauberman.

Reviewed by Ron Elly, Sabah State Library, Headquarters.

27 years have passed since the brave Losers’ Club faced and defeated Pennywise the Clown. Most of them have moved away from Derry, yet they seem unable to truly move on with their lives. Now, Pennywise is back and hungry for children, only more disgusting and freaky on it’s methods. The grown up Losers’ Club members revisit their past to find ways to defeat Pennywise, less willingly this time.

The nasty touch of IT Chapter Two‘s first 20 mins is a harsh reminder to all of us that the world can be a cruel place at times to everyone, whether this comes from one self, one to another or from one evil alien even.

One thing I would like to highlight about this movie is the strong resolution which acts as a reminder to those who seek to improve the way things are. Inspired by Losers’ Club, in the effort of breaking the vicious cycles whether they take 27 years or whatever period it is, one ought to swing around again and conjure within themselves on whatever it is you have to help yourself get through the day.

In that sense, the ending for IT Chapter two is probably an appropriate one for me personally, which I say certainly gave the Pennywise Saga a proper closure.

Scary: ⅗
Funny: ⅘
Overall: ⅘


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