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World Braille Day is celebrated every year on January 4th. This day was Louis Braille’s birthday, the inventor of braille. Louis was born in 1809 in France. The term ‘Braille’ was dubbed after its creator. Louis Braille was a Frenchman who went blind as a child. From the age of ten, he worked at the Royal Institute for Blind Youth in France, where he developed and improved the raised-dot system that became known as Braille. He developed the braille system, which is being used today, based on a writing system developed by Charles Barbier. Braille was improved over time to make it simpler to read, and it is currently used all around the world.

Braille finished his work by devising a code based on cells with six dots, allowing a fingertip to sense the full cell unit with a single touch and move quickly from one cell to the next. Braille eventually came to be acknowledged as the primary form of written information for blind people all around the world.

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) praised Braille's magnificent aid, which opened up a world of accessible to the blind and visually challenged. In November 2018, the fourth of January was designated as World Braille Day. Since 2019, World Braille Day has been commemorated to promote awareness of the relevance of braille as a medium of communication in the full achievement of human rights for the blind and partially sighted.


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