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Meet Bilson Kurus @Belson Bingku 

About Bilson Kurus @Belson Bingku

May be better known to family member and close friends, has pretty much spent his working life in research. He has published a series of journal articles amd written a number of book chapters in addition to having articles carried in local and regional newspapers. He has also lectured and put his name down as the editor and co-editor for a number of book and presented papers on a range of topics both locally and internationally.

Upon his retun from the United States, where he obtained his bachelor and master’s degrees in Agribusiness Economics and a doctorate in International Studies, he first joined a state think-tank before moving on to head a local research institute. He continues to read, write and mentor.

Growing up in a small village in the District of Tuaran, his boyhood imaginations were richly whetted by tribal stories and legends from the circle of village elders- parents, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles and aunties- as well as childhood acquaintances. His generation may have lacked much of today’s plethora of conveniences, but there was never a shortage in imagining things and possibilities.


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