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Meet Lorena Binisol

About Lorena Binisol

Lorena Binisol is one of the frequent contributors to a local newspaper, the Daily Express. She has covered feature stories in other countries, aside from Malaysia such as, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Europe (Spain and Russia). She is also the sub editor of a Non-governmental Organisation, producing internal circular/newsletter. She completed the Executive Secretarial-ship in 1995 at Stamford College, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with Credit in Supervisory Control, Office Management and Office Ethics, and Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management in 2009 at University Technology Malaysia, majoring in Business Leadership & Strategic Management. During her studies, she also took short courses on Creative Writing. Lorena Binisol is a member of the Alumni Ex-participants for the SSEAYP (Ship for South East Asean Youth Programme) Co-sponsored by the Japanese Government 1990 of which she was selected to represent Malaysia where all selected Youths from Asian Countries together with the Japanese Youths made tours around Asia (Study Tours) to learn about different cultures and ideology. She is an adventurous journalist who travels (overseas) in search of new encounters such as others’ culture, lifestyle, food, traditional stories, history, place of interest, human interest, and many more. She was awarded with 2 Gold awards and a Merit award accorded by the State Kinabalu Shell Press Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively. Lorena picked up the ropes of writing through experience, never formally attending any accredited courses in journalism. She writes from the heart about life experiences related to her from the storytellers and she is never short of seeking stories of interest to write for the enjoyment of her readers. Currently, she is producing her own book.




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