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Deepavali or Diwali is the biggest celebration for Hindus, Sikhs and Buddists around the world. This festival celebrated on October or November every year will last for five days.

On the first day, Dhanteras, their home and temples will be cleaned up and put up and candles or Diyas are lit up. They have strong belief that the illumination aim to invite the goddess of good fortune. The second day, they will decorate the inside and outside of their house with accessories and colorful rangolis.

The third day is the main day of the festival which is called  Lakshmi Puja. All Hindu communities will gather with their family and perform special prayer which is called puja rituals. After puja rituals, they will celebrate the fireworks together. Hindus believe that the sound and the light of the fireworks in the sky will cast away evil spirits. They will also partake of sweet delicacies together.

The last two days are times to spend with family, friends and relatives. They will exchange gift with each other as a special ceremony. The last day of the festival which called Bhai Duj is to celebrate the bonding between brothers and sisters. The brothers usually visit their sisters and the sisters will perform puja and feed their brothers with their hands. This symbolizes protection for their brothers from enemies and evil powers.

Deepavali is a time to be happy with family and friends as other festival.


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