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The Magic

Rhonda Byrne

Atria Books (March 6, 2012). 272 pages.



Reviewed by Chung Fon Mee, Sabah State Library, Headquarters

If you are feeling lost, dissapointed, not sure what to do next, want to know the how to feel good, pick up this book. Read and follow it through, you'll be surprised.

If you have read "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne before, this is the book that you should go for to learn the "how". Even if you haven't read "The Secret" before, this is also a good book to start to learn about the secret that has been there in those sacred text that we knew.

This is not a fairy tale kind of book that tells you to wait to be saved. And no magic either to solve your life's problem. It is practical and it makes sense (at least to me and those who have read the book).

If you follow through, it will change your perspective and even change your life!

You'll also find out that there are lots of positive reviews written regarding "The Secret" and there is even a community who shares the outcome after learning The Secret.

Even after you've read "The Secret", you'll need "The Magic" to know the "how" to be positive. So grab a copy for yourself and turn your life to a positive way of thinking. You'll be surprised to learn how much you have and how much more you could be enjoying.

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