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Japanese Cuisine : An Illustrated Guide

Author: Laure Kié

Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd, 2021


Reviewed by Nadirah Nissanto.

Recipes, tales, history and stories, maps, techniques, stylings, utensils, and native ingredients are all included in this colourful invitation to learn about the appearance, fragrances, and flavours of Japan.

How do you cook sushi at home? What is the conventional approach to preparing miso soup? What are the steps involved in preparing a traditional Japanese meal? What are the dishes that are prepared in the izakaya the majority of the time? How should a bento box be packed and adorned with the many toppings?

The solutions are presented in a book that is both endearing and lovely to look at, and it is published in paperback format.

The graphics in this book are crystal clear, evocative, and inspiring. They cover everything from how to use Japanese knives, chopsticks, and cooking utensils to common and rare fish (and seaweed!), Japanese vegetables, fruits, and soy. The topics covered in this guide range from the components of a dish to the locations where those components can be purchased, as well as both individual components and entire courses.

This is a cookbook that every home cook will want to buy, and it is the kind of book that they will want to present to their loved ones and friends because the design is so entertaining.


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