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DO ELEPHANTS EVER FORGET?: And other puzzling questions answered

Author: Guy campbell

Publisher: TBuster book, 128 Pages, 2019


Reviewed by Teffany totu.

Have you ever wondered why yawns are so contagious? If there is life on other planets? If your eyeballs would pop out when sneezing with your eyes open? Is chocolate really “bad” For me?  If so, this book is for you.To have good memory we need to have a big brain and a lot of experiences. In which case, elephants certainly have the attributes to have an excellent memory. Elephants use their memories to survive. The great size means they need large quantities of food and water to remember where the resources can be found.
Containing over 45 of the most important questions you have ever asked (and some quite silly ones, too), do elephants ever forget? Is an utterly random collection of fiendishly fascinating and perplexing ideas.
Some answers are surprising. Some are amazing. Some will positively blow your mind.


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