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Devil’s Gate

Author: Clive Cussler and Graham Brown

Publisher: TG.P. Putnam's Sons, 474 Pages, 2011


Reviewed by Nur Shafiqah binti Mohd Ali.

Kurt and Joe get accidentally involved with a plot to create a weapon of mass destruction when they get involved with a rescue from a sinking tanker that they saw smoking while on an adventure on an iceberg catcher trip. The only survivor was the wife of the captain who escaped what happened to the rest on the ship because she was used as a distraction Kurt from following those who caused the ship to sink and not see the cargo they took off the ship. 

The ship's owner is found to be a person from Dirk Pitt's past history, a man whom he rescued from death. Eventually, he gives Pitt the information about the cargo that explains the situation but not until after Trout and Gamay are injured during their deep-dive explorations of the ship that sank. The two of them had to dig their way out of their submersible which was trapped by a sudden landslide and had to swim from the depths up without tanks of oxygen to help and they barely made it. But their experience created a listening skill and better information on what was happening. They were able to link it to power expelled using magnetic power from using the particle accelerator. the power needed for this machine is a manmade product that was on the tanker illegally by purpose. To know more, can try read this book.


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