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Dark Companion

Author: Marta Acosta

Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates, 364 Pages, 2012


Reviewed by Nadhirah binti Salim.

Jane Williams, who was orphaned at the age of eight, has spent her whole life in foster homes, where she has learned to survive in the underworld. She succeeds in obtaining a scholarship at the elite Birch Grove Academy via perseverance and hard work. Jane finds herself welcomed by a group of friends there for the first time. She even begins coaching Lucien, the headmistress's handsome son. To be true, things appear too good.

Jane is more and more concerned that there may be something terrible going on as she learns more about Birch Grove's recent history. Jane must learn why she was taken to Birch Grove and what she would risk by remaining there as she starts to put the puzzle pieces together.


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