Science in the Soul: Selected writings of a passionate rationalist

Richard Dawkins


Bantam Press, 2017, 439 pages



reviewed by Antonia P. Sani, Sabah State Library Headquarters

This anthology of more than 40 pieces makes a kaleidoscopic argument for the power and glory of science. Breath taking, brilliant and passionate, these essays, news articles, lectures and letters make a case for the wonder of scientific discovery and its power to stir the imagination; for the practical necessity of scientific way of thinking- particularly in today’s post-truth’ world.

Among the subjects Dawkins tackles are evolution and Darwinian natural selection, the role of scientist as prophet, whether science itself is a religion, the probability of alien life on other worlds and the beauties, cruelties and oddities of life on earth. Alongside the explication, celebrations and controversies are wonderfully funny ventures into satire and parody, as well as moving personal reflections.