'The One That I wantreviewed by Turly Tony, Sabah State Library HQ Intern 

A sweet and romantic comedy about a love triangle between Gemma, Max and Addison. Gemma and Max are an item but in comes Addison, Gemma’s best friend, trying to claim Max as her own.

In her bid to to win Max, Addison arranges a double date with one of Max’s friend and Gemma. Unbeknownst to Addison, Gemma and Max are getting closer as they all spend time together.

And as all good love story ends, Gemma and Max end up together. In the end, The One I Want is sweet, sparkly romance and really enjoyable. Sure, it’s predictable and some of it gets a little ridiculous but it managed to make me go: “Awwww... that was cute” when Gemma and Max end up together. I love Jennifer Echols and I can’t wait for more sparkly romance story next.


'Murder of a Barbie and Kenreviewed by Emerald Taising, Sabah State Library HQ Intern 

This book is about Skye Dension and her boyfriend Simon from the small town of Scumble river. Upon joining the Scumble River’s Social, Skye and Simon got to know Barbie and Ken. A perfect couple with the appearances and designer lifestyles, Barbie and Ken who run the Instant Gourmet end up dead. And it is up to Skye to solve the double homicide before the killer gets to her. As if solving the homicide is not enough, Skye is also facing a lot of issues at home and school. Can Skye solve the murders before she gets killed?

Having read many crime stories in secondary school, this is one of my favourite. I like the mystery plot and the characters are fully developed. There’s also a lot of humor thrown in for good measure. The ending is good and justice prevails. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and recommend it to mystery lovers.


'The Herbal Detox Planreviewed by Oslen Dinagge Mosiun, Sabah State Library Hq Intern 

Nowadays, people should take a good care of their health. Toxin are a part of daily life and can be ingested with foods, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. The most dangerous thing is toxin can cause damage to our body and at the same time it will slowly affect our well being. This comprehensive book tells how to detox using herbs, helping readers to identify health problems and suggest a plan  to cleanse and revive body.

I learned a lot about detoxing  and its benefits from reading this book. I usually enjoy reading books that give useful information that I can put to use in my daily life. And this book really is a good addition to all information-rich books that I have read.