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Trilogi Murtad #1

This novel would make a good action movie. I enjoyed the contrast between the fast-paced action-packed plot and the author’s witty approach. The clever use of Kedah dialect should be appreciated because it made the twins character seem very real.

Moreover, in this book, I was actually more intrigued with the killing the people who commit apostasy. People who denounce Islam will be killed. It is in the Quran and sure-fire way for people to take religion seriously.

In this story, I also really love the brotherhood relationship that the author portrayed in this book.

This book is highly recommended to read because it has a beautiful storyline that portrayed Islamic punishment for those who commit apostasy. The way it been written may be a little bit heavy but we can get a lot of knowledge from this book.

Author: Hasrul Rizwan
Published: June, 29th 2012
Genre: Action, Crime, Religion
Character: Akhil, Adam


If Animals Kissed Good Night

This is an adorable book with wonderfully simple drawings, vivid colours, fun rhyming, and a great bedtime theme. The illustration of this book also felt soft and dream like, perfect for the tone of this book. The fact that the authors mixed up all the genders – mommies, daddies, daughters, sons – make for perfect bedtime story.

Other than that, this books also allows for fun interactions and animal introductions.

This book is really suitable for parents to read to their children because they will gain more experience and knowledge about animals. This book is also a good book to read right before sending the little one into dreamland.

Author: Ann Whitford Paul, David Walker (Illustrator)
Published: April, 2008
Genre: Children’s book
Character: Animals


Charlotte's Web

One of the all-time great classics of children’s literature, this gentle story with its kindly wisdom about friendship and love has survived and prospered even in the digital age. This is due to the fact that this book’s themes are universal and timeless. I believe that this book can inspire readers to think about how we should make and keep friends, and how we should treat each other.

In this book, the heroine is a hairy spider who sucks the blood out of flies. Withe the help of a rat, they work together to save Wilbur from the reality of every working barn. Kind people can be ugly and sometimes cruel, others can be greedy but helpful, snooty but caring. The world can be harsh but also beautiful and warm. It is a lovely fantasy grounded in reality, and perhaps that is why kids loved it for so long because they know when they are being told the truth.

This book is a classic of children literature that it just perfect to be read.  I recommend this book to all because it has many lessons that we can apply in our real life. This book also delivers an emotional but refreshingly unpredictable twist and turns. This book is also tender and teaches the values of constancy and integrity in a light, beautiful prose.

Author: E. B. White
Published: October 15, 1952
Genre: Friendship
Character: Charlotte A. Cavatica, Fern Arable, Templeton, Homer Zuckerman, Avery Arable, Wilbur
Award: Newberry Medal and Honors


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