Heart and Craft: Bestselling Romance Writers Share Their Secret

Valerie Parv


Reviewed by Antonia P. Sani


If you’ve ever dreamt of writing a romance novel, then this is the insider’s guide for you. Parv, the author of the authoritative and bestselling The Art of Romance Writing, has drawn together a ‘dream team’ of romance writers who each share their secrets to writing successful romance fiction.

Parv and her co - contributors, Jennie Adams, Helen Bianchin, Daphne Calir, Lilian Darcy, Robyn Donald, Kelly Ethan, Alexis Fleming, Elizabeth Rolls and Meredith Webber- all successful romance writers whose books have appeared on international best-seller lists – answer the questions most often asked of published authors: ‘ How do I make my characters live? My dialogue feels flat how can I fix it? How did you begin writing romance novels? How do I make sure my book hits the right emotional heights? I don’t have to edit my own work, do? Can I do anything to market my manuscript? And many more.

Not only are there examples of writing to analyse with the help of the contributors, list of recommended reading and links to interesting and useful websites are also provided. Based on the contributors’ considerable experience and hundreds of published books, and aimed at both new and experienced writers studying the craft, this fascinating guide will give you everything you need to know about writing romance and getting published.