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Bid My Soul Farewell

Author: Beth Revis

Publisher: Razirbill, 324 Pages, 2019


Reviewed by Nurshafiqah binti Mohd Ali.

“Bid My Soul Farewell” finds Nedra dabbling further into the art of necromancy as she tries to restore her sister’s soul but soon she finds that there’s something much darker lurking in the distance and with Grey making a name for himself with the Emperor the two find themselves at odds as the call for revolution grows.
It’s not often that I get to read stories that see a hero turn into the “villain” and I say that with quotes because though she may have questionable methods her intentions are always pure and her fight against completely giving in to the darkness is something I can’t get enough of. Nedra’s entire story is one that you can’t help but sympathize with and understand how easy it would be to snap and just raise hell but she manages to keep her calm until she’s pushed and for that I can’t help but admire her.
In the same breath I can’t vilify Grey either, he too has had quite the journey and it was easy to understand his fear of what heading down this path could mean for Nedra but he was always so willing to listen and learn and the moments when they fought or when they bit their tongues were so well done and as a reader you understood both sides of the conflict.
It was a great arc that showed how power corrupts and how important love can be when going through hard times. Overall, I really like this book and I recommend to those who like fantasy, magic aand romance genre to read this book.


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